Château Lagarette

The Château LAGARETTE, faithful of its 1850 renown: “Natural, rare and precious”.Since 1998, the Château LAGARETTE estate has been the property of the MINVIELLE family—winegrowers and coopers settled in the Camblanes village for several generations. Yvon, sociologist, publisher and University Professor (Paris and West Indies) is interested in the skills of wine-growing, the wine-growing industry and its related biodiversity dimensions. Olympe, a communication consultant, is dedicated to the wine fabrication process with all the necessary patience and attention required to prepare a great wine. Both of their two children, Alexandra and Karl, are passionate, very close to the wine-making process and would not miss any tasting.The 4 hectares vineyard dates back to the Roman time. It surrounds the castle, a former hunting lodge of the Duke of Epernon (15th century) listed on the historical register. Widely exposed to the various winds (the secret of Lagarette wines), the vineyard is composed 70% of very old vines (merlot, cabernet, malbec), the remaining of recent plants (cabernet-franc). The soil consists of quaternary gravels, limestone, clay, quartz and sand.To resort to wine-growing and wine-making traditional practices was not a matter of discussion for Olympe and Yvon. One would say now that their philosophy – in protecting the land by respecting the natural balances between its mineral, vegetal and animal components – is inspired of sustainable development concerns. According to them, the use of pesticides is a consequence of a lack of education or a deliberate spoiling of ecosystems motivated by immediate gains.Wine is always the result of a unique conjunction between man and nature. Wine is a condensation of wine-growers’ and wine-makers’ knowledge accumulated through the ages. The respect of places and times, the observance of biological rhythm, observation, patience and attention are the milestones of their practices.


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