Château la Grolet

In a very charming landscape, a great representation of the “Petite Suisse Girondine” is taking place: it’s the Manor of La Grolet, architecturally attractive and surrounded by sunny slopes with famous clayed and gravely soil.The 28 hectares of the domain are situated in a succession of sunny exposed hillsides and terraces, which produce high quality grapes with full maturity.To conserve their connection to the vineyard, Catherine and Jean-Luc Hubert aim to increase the biodiversity of the domain by enhancing the fertility of the soil and preserving healthy plants with natural nutrients.The Huberts oversee hand-picking with small grape boxes in order not to stress their 40-year-old vineyards (an average since some are 80-years-old!) and also to obtaina silky wine—the perfect expression of the unique “terroir” intensified by the biodynamic process.With very soft and gentle winemaking and fermentation with wild yeasts, the result is a very elegant and subtle wine with a lot of richness, earthy spiciness and a very impressive length. La Grolet is perhaps the most “terroir-characteristic wine” of the Côtes de Bourg, and its complexity of aromas, flavour and texture represent its specific place of origin.


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