Château Falfas

Château Falfas has an historic reputation. The present buildings were constructed in 1612; and well before that time, the wines were exported to the English Court of the Edwards.The 22 hectares (55 acres) of vineyards extend over the hillsides sloping to the south around the Chateau, less than half a mile from the Gironde in this beautiful rolling region, Côtes de Bourg. The domain is entirely planted to the noble growths of Bordeaux: Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec. The soil of Falfas rests on limestone deposits. In the topsoil of this “terroir”, predominantly clay and lime-stone, the vines take hold sinking their roots deeply and profoundly to the mother rock. Thus, in the temperate climate of the Gironde estuary the vines and their lush fruit reach peak maturity under virtually ideal conditions. Limited yields and rigorous selection are standard elements at Falfas. A manual harvest followed by long and careful vinification and aging in barrels of French oak, insure wines of the highest quality with excellent maturation and conservation in bottle over many years.Our philosophy is simple: we believe that the finest wines are “grown” not made! The vintner’s art lies essentially in allowing the richness of his vineyard to express itself naturally through its fruits. The grape is the key and it must be the pure reflection of its unique terroir. Thus our endeavor begins with our respect for this terroir – BioDynamic cultivation, no extraneous yeasts or other matter, no synthetic chemical products – which permits us to extract the essence of the fruit in order to make a wine of great character, rich and generous, a true pleasure to be shared.


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