Champagne David Léclapart

Great-grandchild, grandchild and son of winegrowers, David Léclapart grew up with the rhythm of the vineyard and winemaking. After completing a non-winemaking curriculum, he graduated from the agro-biology school of Beaujeu and returned to his vineyard with the urge to learn, a passionate desire to work in harmony with nature and a vital need to respect life (from the vineyard to the glass). The biodynamic approach became his motto as he started to learn the hard work of winemaking. He experienced doubts and obstacles but remained focused on his mission. This farming philosophy enabled him to achieve and respect four principles: purity, energy, pleasure and ecology. Working his vineyard with biodynamic treatments gives it the opportunity to re-grow following the solar and natural forces, consequently offering you purity, energy and pleasure.David’s work in the cellars follows the same principles. He stays away from any enological technologies that would soil or harm the essence of his A.O.C. Only the combination of soil, climate, wine and workmanship stimulates his winegrower spirit. Today, David works on almost 3 hectares in monocru (Trépail, 1er cru); 90% of his vineyard is made of chardonnay grapes that are used to make his champagne and the rest is pinot noir grapes that David uses to make Coteau Champenois red or Champagne rosé from maceration.


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