Ceago Vinegarden

Ceago Vinegarden is owned by Jim Fetzer, former President of Fetzer Vineyards. Jim grew up with his ten brothers and sisters in the vineyards of Mendocino County. The Fetzers built their family business into an internationally recognized and respected winery. The family started on the “home ranch” (now “Kathleen’s Vineyard”) producing just a few dozen cases. When the family sold the winery in 1992, Fetzer Vineyards was producing two and a half million cases of wine annually. The Fetzer family led the wine industry in United Sates in organic farming and ecological business practices. In 1993, Jim Fetzer established Ceago Vinegarden at the McNab Ranch in Mendocino County. At Ceago, Jim has integrated that experience with all his learning, from his father and from his own forty years of grape growing and wine making, to take California winegrowing to a new level. Jim teamed up with Alan York to convert Ceago Vinegarden over to Biodynamic Farming techniques and became certified by Demeter in 1995. Ceago Vinegarden has recently established a new Biodynamic Farm in neighboring Lake County. With “Ceago Del Lago’s” diversity of plant, animal and lake front influence, it is a perfect farm to showcase and educate people on Biodynamic principles.


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