Azienda Agricola San Giuseppe

Azienda Agricola San Giuseppe Stella di Campalto was established 1992 in a valley that had not been farmed since 1920. It is located in Castelnuovo dell’Abate (Montalcino) nearby the renowed Romanesque church of Sant Antimo. On this stretch of land there was nothing but a house, some olive trees that had be planted back in the 1920s and fallow field. In 1999 we planted a four hectare vineyard and waited four years for its first growth. We now have a six hectare vineyard and are determinated to keep it down to this size.We have been certifiedas organic growers since 1996. We only operate on vines manually and treat each single tree according to its specific needs. Since 2002 we have begun to turn our attention to biodynamic methods. Both dynamization and distribution of our preparations are hand-made.We have a tree-level cellar dropping system. Our grapes, divided up according exposure, soil and species, are separately vintaged in 30q wooden tuns. Ageing takes place underground in barricoes, tonneaux and 15q barrels. Bottling is also made manually by dropping. No other substances are added to our wines, except for SO2.


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