Albet I Noya

Albet i Noya has been Spain’s leading organic wine producer since 1979. Situated in Penedes (Northeast of Spain) the estate enjoys a privileged micro-climate, with lower than average rainfall, and the cellar is constantly innovating to find the most appropriate techniques for the varieties cultivated.Whilst the origins of viticulture at Can Vendrell go back to the middle ages, it was not until 1903 that the Albet family established itself on the estate.In 1924, Joan Albet i Rion and Joan Albet i Carbó started a new phase in the estate’s history, modernising much of the work and the equipment, leading to a considerable improvement in the quality of their wines.The next generation, Josep Maria and Antoni (the current owners), introduced organic farming methods to the vineyards. Josep Maria took over the management of the estate after his father’s death in 1972 and at the end of the seventies started producing the first organic wines. With the success of that first wine, produced specifically for the Danish market, they gradually moved the entire estate over to organic farming. The consolidation of these years of dedication and experience came in 1986 when the current company was established. Albet i Noya S.A.T. was set up by Josep Maria and his brother Antoni Albet i Noya, and their mother, Núria Noya i Rafecas. The family also finally acquired the estate that they had been farming for three generations.They began a long process of continuous renovation of the cellar, as well as switching 100% of the estate over to organic farming methods. They currently control 46 hectares of vineyards as well as buying grapes from local farmers who have followed their lead and converted to organic viticulture. The estate’s vines cover the western slopes of the Ordal mountain range, planted in terraces & following the curves of the terrain, or on slopes exposed to the midday sun. As in all good vine-growing areas, the soil in Can Vendrell has low organic content, with a variable content of clay and sand, on a bed of calcareous stone, a permeable base with good moisture retention.Today, Albet I Noya is widely recognised as the leading estate in Spain for organic wines.


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    Paul Willemen

    Can you indicate where we may be able to buy cases of Mocen Verdejo Sp 2007 in UK? We are not a restaurant ….
    thanks in advance.

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