Sunset Valley Vineyard

From the beginning the property was managed organically in accordance with Bio-Gro New Zealand organic production standards. This created some major hurdles, starting with weed and grass control, later disease and pest management became key issues. The learning curve has remained steep and each year brings slightly different challenges. We now have considerable confidence in the organic management systems we have developed.

Establishment of the vineyard began with the purchase of 25 hectares of bare rolling pasture, in the dry hill country near Upper Moutere, Nelson, in 1993. The site was chosen for its suitability for an organic vineyard. The area has long dry summers and cold frosty winters. We have also planted several hectares of mixed amenity and timber trees with a particular focus on native trees. We have propagated thousands of native plants which are planted in a riparian strip along a small watercourse, which bisects the property, and around the winery and sales area.


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