Fantasy Wine Cellar – Paolo Bonetti

Wines made from organically grown grapes are capable of aging just as well as conventional wines. The wines I’ve chosen have low levels (under 100 parts per million) of sulfites added to them, to prevent spoilage and the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Most wine is made for immediate consumption. My first 24 bottles are a great way to begin building a wine cellar. They can be enjoyed on any given day – which, in my opinion, is really the point of having a collection. Sure, it’s great to have those ‘prize’ bottles and vintages around, but it’s more practical to be able to grab a bottle of Cava or German Riesling to pair with Quiche Lorraine for Sunday brunch. All of these wines are very food-friendly. Enjoy the Organic Vintners Zinfandel with tacos or quesadillas and the Pinot Noir with grilled salmon on a bed of greens with fresh mozzarella.


I had four requirements for the $400.00 wine cellar:

1. Food-friendly
2. Ready to be consumed
3. Under $22.00 retail
4. Vegan

Sparkling, White and Rosé Case:

1. Can Vendrell Cava, NV, Penedès, Spain, $19.99
2. Pircas Negras Torrontés, 2006, Famatina Valley, Argentina, $9.99
3. Can Vendrell Chardonnay/ Xarel•lo, Penedès, Spain, $12.99
4. Château Le Rait Bordeaux Sec, 2005, Bordeaux, France, $12.99
5. Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc, 2006, Maipo Valley, Chile, $14.99
6. Sonop Chardonnay, 2006, South Africa, FAIRTRADE, $14.99
7. Organic Vintners Pinot Grigio, 2005, Veneto, Italy, $14.99
8. Mont’Albano Pinot Grigio, 2005, Friuli-Grave, Italy, $16.99
9. Sander Riesling Trocken, 2005, Rheinhessen, Germany, $17.99 (biodynamic)
10. Sander Riesling Halbtrocken, 2005, Rheinhessen, Germany, $17.99 (biodynamic)
11. Domaine Frey Pinot Blanc, 2004, Alsace, France, $21.95 (biodynamic)
12. Domaine du Jas d’Esclans Rosé, 2005, Provence, France, $19.99

Red Wine Case:

1. Ventura Carmenère, 2005, Lontué Valley, Chile, $11.99
2. Can Vendrell Cabernet Sauvignon-Tempranillo, 2005, Penedès, Spain, $12.99
3. Nuevo Mundo Cabernet Sauvignon / Malbec, 2005, Maipo Valley, Chile, $14.99
4. Nuevo Mundo Cabernet Sauvignon/ Carmenère, 2005, Maipo Valley, Chile, $14.99
5. Organic Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004, Mendocino, California, $15.99
6. Organic Vintners Zinfandel, 2005, Mendocino, California, $15.99
7. Can Vendrell Barrica Tinto, 2004, Penedès, Spain, $17.99
8. Château Richard Bergerac, 2005, Bergerac, France, $16.99
9. Organic Vintners Pinot Noir, 2006, Mendocino, California, $19.99
10. Almagre Crianza, 2001, Rioja, Spain, $19.99
11. San Vito Chianti, 2004, Chianti, Italy, $19.99
12. Château de Bastet Côtes du Rhône, 2003, Rhône, France, $19.99 (biodynamic)


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