How To Go To A Wine Store

Wine stores can be intimidating. Maybe James Bond can fall out of a plane, crash through a Monte Carlo restaurant and still amaze the waiter with his choice of the perfect Bordeaux. Not you. Walking into a wine store you see hundreds of bottles staring back at you, mocking your inexperience. There are twenty different… Continue reading How To Go To A Wine Store

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Sunset Valley Vineyard

From the beginning the property was managed organically in accordance with Bio-Gro New Zealand organic production standards. This created some major hurdles, starting with weed and grass control, later disease and pest management became key issues. The learning curve has remained steep and each year brings slightly different challenges. We now have considerable confidence in… Continue reading Sunset Valley Vineyard

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Holiday Organic Recipes With Wine Matches

Enjoy these great organic recipes this holiday season put together for the Organic Wine Journal by Chef Susan Bishop of Napa, California. Blackberry Cornish Game Hens with Zinfandel As an alternative to turkey, try these sweet and savory Blackberry Cornish Game Hens. This matches perfectly with a Zinfandel such as the Frog’s Leap 2005 Zinfandel,… Continue reading Holiday Organic Recipes With Wine Matches