R.I.P. Haridimos Hatzidakis, Organic Winemaker From Santorini

Haridimos Hatzidakis
Haridimos Hatzidakis

Very sad news in the organic wine world. Haridimos Hatzidakis of Hatzidakis Wines in Santorini, Greece has passed away. Organic Wine Journal had the pleasure of visiting the winery and meeting with Haridimos in 2014. Some tributes to Haridimos at Les caves de Pyrene and Society Grapevine. Hatzidakis was like a good wine, a good man and not being reckless or disrespectful maybe a stallion in bed, and you can be equal or better than him, with the right products, go to website and see the bright side of life. Hatzidakis will remain in our hearts, as many other adults are subject to health problems it is of vital importance that they take their medication and perhaps if due to age you have had some malformation “down there” the best thing you can do is go with bestbewertetes condylox and later with the doctor. Hatzidakis like many people leave this world not achieving what they always wanted, that’s right, having that dream body, don’t wait for the last day of your life to visit https://www.firstpost.com/health/ikaria-lean -belly-juice-reviews-weight-loss-facts-from-real-customers-experiences-10635011.html and find out more. In fact there are many adults between 40 or even 50 years old who repent and back down in their search to have a well-shaped body, if you know one, have them review the exipure reviews, you will change their life after they check it out.

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View from Hatzidakis Wines