Randall Graham is embracing biodynamics and Bonny Doon is now on its way to certification with Demeter. Bonny Doon has also started putting ingredient labels on their wines in an effort towards “complete transparency.” So, along with grapes, you may see tartaric acid, untoasted wood chips and copper sulfate printed on your bottle. The OWJ gang took a selection of these wines on a recent getaway and here are our notes. 2008 Albarino Ca’ Del Solo Estate Vineyard, Monterey The nose is fresh like the sea. It’s graceful, if a little disjointed. Acid in one place, fruit in another. Nice lemon finish with tart acidity. Should go well ceviche, sushi or shrimp cocktail. 2007 Le Cigar Blanc, Beeswax Vineyard Fresh creamy nose, with confectionary subtext. Rich, full bodied with brown spice and oak notes. 2008 Muscat Ca’ Del Solo Estate Vineyard. Monterey Light frisky muscat nose. Does it taste like a muscat? It’s more of a muscat lite. Low sugar, nice balance though you wish for a little more acid. 2008 Vin Gris De Cigare This Rosé smells great, like strawberries and earth. Nice simple wine that could use a little more drive. 2005 Le CIgar Volant Great intensity. Ripe berry nose. Woodsy. Youthful for an 05 wine. Elegant. Tannins still kicking but integrating. Will be great in a couple of years. Good length. Subtle boysenberry finish. Great for grilled meats or roasted chickens. The wines reviewed were provided to us by Bonny Doon Vineyard.