petalos-vineyardI admit it, I have a crush on wines from northwestern Spain. Maybe I am drawn to the romantic visions of rugged winemakers toiling in the cool coastal weather. Or maybe it's because I am a seafood fanatic and this region is famous for it's world class treasures of the sea. Or perhaps it is the fact that the most famous grapes from this region, Albarino and Mencia, almost always perform admirably in every price range. I am virtually never disappointed by the crisp apple flavors of Albarino or the mineral laden, blueberry notes of Mencia. Seriuously, if you find wines made from either of these grapes at a restaurant or wine shop, buy them with a sense of security. The Petalos 2007 is made by Descendientes de José Palacios. Gorgeous dark floral aromas, like violets. Tangy blueberry flavors and a firm minerality (like you get from some mineral waters) that holds it all together. This wine is made with 100% Mencia grapes from the Bierzo region. The grapes are grown using biodynamic viticulture. Biodynamics involves organic grapegrowing practices plus many extra steps to insure the land is self-sustaining. Alvaro Palacios is the winemaker. He is considered an iconoclast in the Spanish winemaking world. Alvaro took a chance on the then unknown Priorat region of Spain in the late eighties. And he has taken another well educated bet on the Bierzo region where the Mencia grape is grown. He also practices biodynamic viticulture, which firmly puts him in the domain of wine industry iconoclasts and romantics. You can buy it online. $18